TechWorld Venture Micro-Funds

TechWorld Venture Micro Funds is a, crowdfunding platform where startups and existing ventures can seek venture funds from individual private investors and other traditional funds providers that are interested in investing in variety of ventures from variety of industries at various development stage level –from pre seed level stage to post seed level stage that already growing and have market valuation-In exchange, investors receive an equity stake in the ventures they invested.,

TechWorld Venture Micro Funds platform provides the opportunity for prospective investors to contribute small or large amounts to companies looking to raise capital.

This creates a marketplace where ventures can provide their products and services (while testing marketability) to TechWorld Venture Funds investors. Likewise, these investors can shop for products and services offered by ventures within the marketplace.

Companies of all types and at all stages can apply to use this platform by completing a comprehensive, online application. This includes information about their venture(s), their team, any funding needed, and other information important to prospective investors. If accepted, they’ll establish an online account through which they can manage fundraising activities and grow their business.