TechWorld Venture Capital

TechWorld Venture Capital is a management and investment firm. We provide investment funding to startups and existing ventures at all levels of development. This includes crowdfunding, seed funding, and mezzanine funding. We also provide business development programs for startups.

Capital funding can come from many sources. We partner with private investors, angel investors (individuals accredited for investing), as well as general investors in our funding network. Capital may also be provided through institutional sources such as pensions, insurance, and so on. Finally, we collaborate with other venture capital firms to jointly invest in ventures of mutual interest.

Funding Partners

TechWorld Venture Capital partners with other venture capital firms and financial institutions to provide joint funding for business ventures, but also resources needed to establish and develop these ventures. Equity interest in jointly funded ventures is shared by TechWorld and its partners.

Partners may also provide additional funding to support ventures in which they’re already jointly invested. By paying an investment fee, they can fund our portfolio ventures with a return relative to the size of their investment.