TechWorld Venture Lab

TechWorld Venture Lab exists as a subsidiary of TechWorld Venture. It provides a business development environment for startups and ventures at all stages, including programs, activities, resources, and services needed for their establishment and growth. Participants can seek pre-seed to series level funding through TechWorld Venture Capital and TechWorld Venture Funds while in the lab.

Business Venture Networking Events

TechWorld Venture Lab hosts a social networking event designed to advance the growth of startups and existing ventures through the following:

  • Networking
  • Collaborating
  • Team Building
  • Learning about Funding Opportunities

Events take place at various locations and times. Participants interested in connecting with TechWorld Technologies for venture development should register online for an event.

Funding Events

TechWorld Venture Lab funding events are designed to bring together startups and business ventures to learn about funding and how to fund their ventures, as well as meet and connect with a panel of experts from venture capital firms, venture funding institutions, and individual private investors. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A session with the expert panel, who will be discussing a wide range of topics including:

  • Their venture capital firm
  • The types of funds they manage and invest
  • The types of ventures they invest in
  • The stages of ventures they invest in (i.e., startups,

growing, or established ventures)

  • The amount of initial investments in ventures
  • The resources available to funded ventures
  • How ventures can apply for funding

 Entrepreneurs with startups and ventures at all stages of development are welcome, including those still in the concept or pre-launch stage, or those with existing ventures. Anyone with a desire to learn how to fund their venture may attend!

Business Partner Services

For participants in its business development program, TechWorld Venture Lab offers services directly and in conjunction with TechWorld Venture partners. By establishing a TechWorld Venture Lab account, participants gain free access to available resources and services.

Business Partners’ Marketplace

TechWorld Venture provides an online marketplace where business partners provide products and services at cost for the growth of startups and business ventures.

Incubator Program

This program provides startups with development resources to achieve viability for funding. Resources include:

  • Development space
  • Development/collaboration team
  • Mentor/coach
  • Seed funding

Startups and ventures are evaluated initially to determine their baseline stage of development. Reviews will be conducted every ninety days to track progress and the need for further development. Many will move at this point into the Accelerator Program, where additional support is provided. Participants can remain in the program for a maximum of six months.

Accelerator Program

The Accelerator Program is designed for startups and business ventures that TechWorld Venture chooses to invest in directly, yet jointly, with TechWorld Venture Funds investment partners. It provides ventures (both pre-funded and funded) with vital resources, readying them to bring their products and services to the marketplace. These include:

  • Access to investors
  • Access to funding
  • Access to mentoring
  • Technical assistance with development