Business Model

TWV Technologies Incubation/Acceleration

TWV Technologies business model consists of Incubation and Acceleration Programs. These include the human capital of an executive team, management team and operations staff. We also provide management support, operational team support, and office space. Finally, companies are linked with a venture capital resource/startup development partner to help develop new products and launch startups independently. All of this creates an environment in which budding companies can grow and thrive!

TechWorld Venture Selection Process

TechWorld Venture uses the same selection model as venture capital private equity companies for choosing and acquiring startups and new technologies. Members of these companies that are partners with TechWorld Venture comprise the selection committee. From an initial list of submissions, committee members invite selected startups and new technology developers to conduct a demonstration of their ideas. From this, a second round of selections is made. Third round selections are based on individual committee member evaluations of each candidate. Evaluations place candidates on a scale to determine their ranking and selection for the final stage.

In the fourth and final stage, TechWorld Venture chooses companies and technologies to enter the TWTs development program(s). Final selection is based on the review ratings assigned to candidates by individual committee members. A minimum score of 7 on a scale of 110 is required. Once final selections are made, candidates are invited to a selection ceremony where winners are announced and officially invited to become part of TechWorld Venture.