Equity Funding Venture Partners


TWV Capital raises funds through joint venture partners, for the development of acquired startups, products, and services. These acquisitions are determined by our partners through a thorough selection process.

The TechWorld Venture Offering

TechWorld Venture acquisitions will remain in the company for 18 months to 3 years. Length of time will be determined by the company’s stage of development when acquired, from early to middle to high. Early stage companies will be cultivated for six months to three years before they are launched. Later stage acquisitions will be developed for eighteen months. When a company demonstrates the ability to generate revenues, we consider them ready to launch!

Startups acquired at an early stage of development include the assimilation of the principal(s) and other key members. In exchange, TechWorld Venture provides executive management; operational staff, capital, and logistical support; and other vital resources totaling approximately $250,000 - $3,000,000.

Venture investment partner companies can gain primary equity ownership of TechWorld Venture and secondary equity ownership in startup companies (once independent). There are also options for partners to gain primary equity interest in startups. They are encouraged to invest in new launches, to meet their on going financial needs. TechWorld Venture support also continues at this juncture by contributing capital funding from other investors

TechWorld Venture Relationship Benefits for Equity Investor Partners

  • Equity shareholder interest in TechWorld Venture
  • Representation on the TechWorld Venture Board of Governors
  • Executive member representation in key TechWorld Venture decision - making
  • Opportunities to independently invest in startups, acquiring equity ownership interest