About US

TWV Technologies Incubation/Acceleration Model

TWV Technologies’ business model consists of Incubation and Acceleration Programs. These include the human capital of an executive team, management team and operations staff. We also provide management support, operational team support, and office space. Finally, companies are linked with a venture capital resource/startup development partner to help develop new products and launch startups independently. All of this creates an environment in which budding companies can grow and thrive!

Relationship with Acquired Startups

TechWorld Venture plans to acquire startups from their product conception or infancy stages through intermediate stages where some organizational structure is already in place.

Acquisitions at any stage will be reviewed to determine the level of resources needed to catalyze development. Those in beginning stages will be directed into our central operation’s resource pool, to share executive, management and operational staff resources.

Acquisitions are reviewed on an on­going basis, to determine if further resources are needed due to growth, product establishment in the market, or operational costs (including staffing). Each company will be categorized as a short­ or long­-term acquisition to assess resource needs. When available shared resources become insufficient, we will provide additional resources. We’re here to help!